5k fox fellows: Give Away

Well that are some wonderful Ideas, thank you friends <3

Your own origami fox?

Of course! We’re gonna add a short personal letter from Mr. Fox and Mun for the winners :-)
Postage charges will be low, because these little foxes are lightweight.
That means there could be even more winners, let’s say up to 10 ^_^

Art? A Commission?

Sure we can do that! This could be for the 1st place winner*. Of course an origami fox will also be added to the parcel.

My shiny Ninetales?

You mean the paper version or the real one? Oh, wait… why not both! So another 1st place winner* will get the shiny origami ninetales, the one I got on Pokemon Y, plus (of course) an origami Mr. Fox bro.

An origami fox couple.

This will be for one more 1st place winner
The color of the vixen will be whatever you want it to be :-)

As soon as we reach 5000 followers Mr. Fox will post the rules and a week later we’re gonna tell you our lucky winners!

* there will be more 1st place winners and no 2nd or 3rd place, because they ALL are winners ^_^
All in all there will be 10 winners and three of them will get an additional present.

Last weeks best: Art Submissions

Dearest artists,

last weeks art submissions of

are now on our facebook page - way to go, you talented foxes!

Feel free to tag yourself on your pictures.


To all of our fantastic fox friends,
we´re looking forward for your art submissions this week!
Next week they will also be posted on Mr. Fox´s facebook page.

Thanks for all your love,
Mr. Fox and Sonja :-)